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How Grayscale's cryptocurrency portfolio grew $25B in one year. Grayscale now controls more than $28 billion worth of cryptocurrency, a taint-flexing 1,000% boost in one year. Grayscale — the world's largest digital asset manager — held just $2.5 billion in crypto in January 2020 Grayscale Expands Crypto Investment Trusts Portfolio By The Forex Review - March 18, 2021 The world's biggest crypto asset manager recently disclosed that it will be launching five new cryptocurrency products as investments trust, thus bringing the total investment products it offers to a total of 14 Rothschild Investment expands crypto portfolio with $4.75M purchase of Grayscale's Ethereum Trust Chicago-based asset manager Rothschild Investment Corp has thrown more funds into Grayscale's.

How Grayscale's cryptocurrency portfolio grew $25B in one

  1. g individual trusts. They are offering Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, Bitcoin Cash Trust, Ethereum Trust, Ethereum Classic Trust, Horizen Trust and many others like for Litecoin, Stellar Lumens, XRP, and Zcash. And, many more are expected to be a part of this list very soon
  2. Grayscale added LINK to its portfolio as the institutional demand rises which could eventually boost the LINK price so let's read more in our latest Chainlink news today. The crypto fund Grayscale added LINK to its portfolio as the move came a few weeks after the company launched a new trust fund and offered institutional investors more exposure to the token's movement in price, according to the announcemen
  3. Grayscale's accumulation of the two largest crypto assets brings the investment firm's total assets under management (AUM) to $35.38 billion, according to Bybt. In 2020, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust grew from $1.8 billion to a whopping $17.5 billion in AUM
  4. Crypto fund Grayscale announced that it would add LINK to its large-cap crypto fund in a release yesterday. The move comes a few weeks after the company launched a new Chainlink trust fund, offering institutional investors exposure to the token's price movement

Grayscale Expands Crypto Investment Trusts Portfolio

  1. Grayscale holds a lot of value in BItcoin and Ethereum too, which they have no plan of selling off, which indicates that the firm is increasing its horizon of investment options in order to provide its investor base a diverse portfolio and have indulgence in all the ecosystems of the rapidly growing digital assets and investment space
  2. Established in 2013 by Digital Currency Group, Grayscale Investments, LLC is a trusted authority on digital currency investing. Grayscale provides secure access to the digital currency asset class through its single-asset and diversified investment products. Grayscale is the sponsor of, Bitcoin Investment Trust , Bitcoin Cash Investment Trust,.
  3. This is Grayscale Trust's Latest crypto portfolio as per their tweet (Dec 20, 2020). Current portfolio valuation is over 10 Billion USD. Its weird they have Ethereum Classic (ETC) in there, and their privacy pick is ZCASH (ZEC)
  4. Grayscale's crypto portfolio is now worth $13 billion, up from $10 billion in November. What'd you call me? Grayscale is the world's largest crypto fund, owned by Barry Silbert's holding company Digital Currency Group. Grayscale divides its holdings into Trusts, which trade on select stock exchanges (OTC)

The Chicago-Based asset manager is expanding its crypto portfolio by acquiring more shares from Grayscale's Bitcoin and Ethereum Trust. Asset manager Rothschild investment Corp has acquired 265,302 shares from the Grayscale Ethereum Trust, a purchase worth $4.75 million. According to an SEC filing on April 15, the firm also bought an additional 8,000 shares of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust. Grayscale is the sponsor of the largest Bitcoin fund, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, which has over $35 billion in assets. Grayscale Investments, the sponsor of the world's largest Bitcoin fund, has.. Rothschild Investment expands crypto portfolio with $4.75M purchase of Grayscale's Ethereum Trust. Saudu Clement. Apr 20, 2021 Chicago-based asset manager Rothschild Investment Corp has thrown more funds into Grayscale's Bitcoin and Ethereum Trust. According to a recent filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the firm purchased 265,302 shares from the Grayscale Ethereum. Grayscale adds Chainlink to its portfolio to meet institutional demand | CryptoSlate Earn up to 12% APY on Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD, EUR, GBP, Stablecoins & more. Start Earning Interest News › Chainlink › Analysis Institutional demand for Chainlink seems to be picking up, which could boost LINK's price. Ali Martinez · April 7, 2021 at [ The leading crypto asset manager, Grayscale, has expanded its portfolio of products by adding trusts for five new coins - LINK, BAT, MANA, FIL, and LPT. Institutional investors employing the services of Grayscale Investments would have the option to choose from five new product additions

Grayscale Investments revealed that it had added $300 million worth of cryptocurrencies to its digital assets portfolio over the past 24 hours and over $1 billion in the last week. This information was relayed by Grayscale CEO Barry Silbert via a tweet yesterday. The crypto fund manager noted that it had $6.3 billion in AUM as of October 15. Grayscale adds Chainlink to its portfolio to meet institutional demand. By Luke Bailey 1 hour ago Cryptocurrency 0 Comments. Crypto fund Grayscale announced that it would add LINK to its large-cap crypto fund in a release yesterday. The move comes a few weeks after the company launched a new Chainlink trust fund, offering institutional investors exposure to the token's price movement. The.

Rothschild Investment expands crypto portfolio with $4

  1. The Grayscale Crypto trust portfolio offers several crypto products, with its Bitcoin Trust being the largest selected investment by far, accompanied by its Ethereum Trust. Other products include Litecoin Trust, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Trust, Stellar Lumens Trust, ZCash Trust, Ethereum Classic Trust, Horizen Trust, XRP Trust, and Digital Large Cap Fund (holds multiple digital assets in one.
  2. Grayscale Bitcoin Trust was launched in 2013 and went public two years later. With more than $36 billion in assets it owns nearly 4% of the world's Bitcoin supply. It has historically fetched a..
  3. XRP Price Plummets Again After Grayscale Announces it Will Exclude it From Portfolio. Posted On January 5, 2021 5:05 pm Robert Weiss 0 Trade Bitcoin now. The bad news seem to have no end for XRP holders as the giant Bitcoin Trust Fund, Grayscale just announced it will exclude XRP from its portfolio. The digital asset plunged by 6% following the announcement from a high of $0.232 down to $0.217.
  4. Grayscale also has trusts for litecoin (LTC, -2.61%) ($151.3 million), bitcoin cash (BCH, -1.33%) ($85.5 million), ethereum classic (ETC, -4.98%) ($72.9 million), and others with less significant..
  5. The famous Grayscale pod of crypto whale trusts now have $41 billion under management. Digital currency asset managers Grayscale tweeted an update on their holdings and net assets under management on March 26. The company now holds almost $34.7 billion worth of Bitcoin and almost $5.2 billion of Ethereum

The largest crypto-asset management firm in the world, Grayscale, has revealed that it has shifted its portfolio towards Bitcoin and Ethereum at the cost of XRP, LTC and BCH. Grayscale's investment in crypto products in 2020 exceeds the total investment of the last 7 years. Following the release of its quarterly report, crypto asset management company Grayscale has published an update on the. The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) is Grayscale's wildly popular Bitcoin offering. It currently trades at $23.25, and per official documents, holds 0.00095 Bitcoin (worth $20.89 as of December 17) per share

GrayScale Investment Products For Single Asset and

Grayscale Added LINK To Its Portfolio As Institutional

Grayscale - the crypto investment fund had a record last year too. The data reveals that inflows into the fund, over the last 12 months, reached a staggering $1.07B with the majority of the investments (79%) coming from institutional investors, again dominated by hedge funds. What Does The Grayscale Crypto Investments Data Reveal Grayscale has now registered four new trusts for Aave, Cosmos, Polkadot, and Monero. This was made known through a recent filing made by the company in Delaware. This means that the institution is actively seeking to diversify its holdings. Grayscale looks to diversify its portfolio — Grayscale (@Grayscale) February 5, 2021 Grayscale has by far the largest Bitcoin portfolio of any institutional investment platform, with over $30 billion in BTC currently under management in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust , which trades under GBTC

Grayscale ist nicht der einzige Investor, der bereits eine große Summe an Bitcoin erworben hat. Im Dezember 2020, hat die Firma Microstrategy bereits bekannt gegeben, dass sie 2020 Bitcoin im Wert von mehr als 1 Milliarde US-Dollar erworben hat. Aktuell hält das Unternehmen mindestens 70784 Bitcoin Grayscale Looks to Expand its Product Portfolio As evident from the comments of the CEO of the crypto management firm, Grayscale is looking to expand its product offering to about 30 to 40 products. The current launch of cryptocurrency trusts for five cryptocurrencies seems to be part of the expansion plans Grayscale Investments announced Tuesday a rebalancing of its large-cap crypto fund, a move that adds the Chainlink token to the entity's list of held Cryptos : 9,267 Exchanges : 367 Market Cap : $2,230,104,449,298 24h Vol : $271,352,593,340 Dominance : BTC : 51.3% ETH : 12.5% ETH Gas : 105 Gwe Institutional demand for Chainlink seems to be picking up substantially, which could boost LINK's price in the near future

Grayscale Investments LLC - Fund Profile Grayscale is a trusted authority on digital currency investing, Grayscale provides market insight and investment exposure to the developing digital currency asset class. Grayscale Investments LLC Overvie The news has been well received in the crypto community with many top analysts and crypto investors saying that this level of buying is extremely bullish, particularly for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Surprisingly, 84% of the buyers, according to Grayscale, are institutional investors and especially hedge funds, which have seemingly been buying and increasing their crypto portfolios in silence Grayscale's loss is not an isolated case. Many other crypto portfolios have recorded significant losses in the past three days. Data from Bybt reveals that $5.64 billion was liquidated across.

Grayscale Reaches $19 Billion in Crypto Assets under

Grayscale Investments continues to grow its cryptocurrency portfolio by adding $300 million in assets under management (AUM) in a day. Grayscale Investments revealed that it had added $300 million worth of cryptocurrencies to its digital assets portfolio over the past 24 hours and over $1 billion in the last week SUBSCRIBE if you enjoy these type of videos! Thanks for watching!MY WEBSITE: http://www.TheCryptoviser.comTWITTER: https://twitter.com/TheCryptoviser-----.. Grayscale has $2.17 billion in assets under management. The firm is a subsidiary of Silbert's Digital Currency Group (DCG), which is the largest investment firm in cryptocurrency startups. DCG.

Grayscale's Bitcoin and Ethereum Trust has added more shares to the Chicago-based asset manager's crypto portfolio. The Grayscale Ethereum Trust has sold 265,302 shares to asset manager Rothschild Investment Corp for $4.75 million. According to an SEC filing dated April 15, the firm also purchased 8,000 more shares of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), bringing [ Grayscale Investment, released it crypto assets undermanagement statement and it had an element of surprise. The second highest net asset under management in the portfolio was Ethereum Classic which stood at USD 70.5 mn only second to Bitcoin. Will all eyes are on ETC's Coinbase listing, this news seems to be a bigger positive for the coin

Crypto Giant Grayscale Buys $709,000,000 in Bitcoin and

Grayscale adds Chainlink to its portfolio to meet

Grayscale is the largest U.S. digital asset manager that has institutional exposure to cryptocurrency; the company currently owns about 660,000 BTC, accounting for 3.5 percent of BTC in circulation. The company announced yesterday that its gross funds under administration have now reached $50.6 billion, and its ETH trust, or ETHE, has more than $7 billion in AUM, with its stock now traded at about $24 Grayscale Investments is looking to become to cryptocurrency fund investing what Vanguard is to index investing, and it's off to a pretty good start. It's already the largest cryptocurrency asset. Digital currency asset manager and manager of Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund, Grayscale Investments, said that chainlink (LINK) has been added to the Fund's portfolio. They announced that Grayscale adjusted the Fund's portfolio by selling the existing Fund Components in proportion to their respective weightings and using the cash proceeds to purchase LINK. As of April 2, the Fund Components were a basket of 79.8

Grayscale's Investment Diversification - Crypto Guid

  1. Grayscale Pumps Unpopular Crypto Assets. Grayscale allows accredited investors to issue trust shares backed by five new tokens in BAT, LINK, MANA, FIL, LPT. The shares will come with a lock-in period and are non-redeemable, similar to the other prior altcoin listings of Zcash, Stellar, and more. The asset management firm had noted in a recent press release that it is planning to add more.
  2. In today's Encrypted Capital recap we discuss Grayscale's portfolio, Dent pumping, Mastercard getting into the game, and more crypto news
  3. Grayscale created an onramp for wealthy investors to lock up their Bitcoin. In exchange for this lock-up, they receive equivalent amounts in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) shares. These shares are meant to track the price of Bitcoin. These shares are then sold on platforms like Fidelity, Charles Schwab, and other brokerages
  4. Last week, the leading Bitcoin Fund manager, Grayscale launched five new crypto investment products for individuals and institutional investors. According to Bloomberg's chief commodity strategist, Mike McGlone, GBTC has outperformed Tesla since the beginning of the year. Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Leads Tesla Stocks. Mike revealed through a tweet that the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) is.
  5. According to Grayscale documentation, Delaware Trust Company is the firm's statutory trustee for the US state. It also happens to be the same organization that Grayscale went through to register its Bitcoin and Ethereum trusts, which are now one of the fastest-growing investment products in the crypto space.. However, whether the five new trusts will launch remains uncertain at the moment
  6. In a recent tweet, while discussing investors' preferences among crypto assets with Kraken's growth lead, Dan Held, the CEO of Grayscale Investments pointed out that the company's customers have been actively diversifying their crypto portfolios recently. Institutions are going for BCH and ETH after Bitcoin During the discussion, Mr. Held referred to an article that states that, according to.
  7. Grayscale Ethereum Trust: The Next Crypto Bull Market? Overview. The Crypto bull market run continues with Bitcoin hitting new highs on a nearly everyday basis. The asset class is gaining momentum.

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It's difficult building a balanced, healthy portfolio if you try to invest solely in Bitcoin and Ethereum. They're too developed as crypto assets to profit without having millions in the bank to spend. Alas, do not fear my brothers and sisters, for the bull market has just begun and I promise you BTC and ETH will not be the only coins that make. With a 24-hour high of $29.79, LPT made news as the asset recorded a 1,000% surge in price recently. Interestingly, the hike occurred soon after Grayscale Investments launched five new trusts among which, Livepeer LPT was one of them. Following Grayscale's decision to include LPT in its product offering, the token rallied by roughly 500% [

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Grayscale has become the world's leading crypto assets manager because of its drive to make newer tokens available to its investors. In an interview, the company's CEO said that at any one time, we are probably maintaining a list of what could be 40 products that we are interested in bringing to the market.. The CEO's statement indicates that Grayscale is paying keen attention to a. A Grayscale Chainlink Trust could be huge for LINK. A Grayscale Chainlink Trust could drive the price of the LINK token to new highs. In the past few days, Grayscale has been on an aggressive buying spree of digital assets. Grayscale bought 16,244 bitcoins valued at more than $600 million a few days ago and now holds a total of 630,000 BTC worth around $23 billion. The firm has purchased.

Grayscale's $13B portfolio is mostly Bitcoin Proto

  1. Grayscale, a cryptocurrency asset management firm owned by major investment firm Digital Currency Group (DCG), is launching a national ad campaign in the US. It comes at the time of great socio-economic and geo-political uncertainties - which might be turning people's head towards financial alternatives
  2. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu
  3. Grayscale: The Cryptocurrency Investor Forum - Many digital innovations have been accelerated during the past several months, and cryptocurrency is no exception. Investors, major companies, and even central banks are revisiting the financial instrument. The conversations taking place during this year's virtual event will be critical in understanding the future of this industry and the.
  4. He added that the supply-demand dynamics of the crypto market are skewed bullish with the amount of capital boosting Bitcoin via futures and via products like the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust. Mike Novogratz. Former Goldman Sachs partner Mike Novogratz says that Bitcoin could hit $65,000 in the near future. While he did not attach a date to this prediction, it can be assumed that he thinks the.
  5. Dir die großen Crypto Coins BTC und ETH und einige ausgewählte Altcoins ausreichen; Du viele Trades zu möglichst günstigen Konditionen abwickeln möchtest; Du dein Crypto Portfolio und deine Wertpapiere wie Aktien und ETF über eine Plattform halten möchtest; Binance. Auf Binance greife ich seit 2016 zurück wenn ich in Altcoins investieren möchte. Hier habe ich eine bewährte, seriöse Plattform, die nahezu alle relevanten Crypto Coins bietet. Du kannst Einzahlungen in Crypto Coins.

Rothschild Investment Buys $4

Grayscale erreicht Rekordsumme bei Bitcoin, Ethereum und Co. Grayscale hat mit seinem Q2 Bericht schon für viel Aufmerksamkeit gesorgt. Kein Wunder wenn in Q2 alleine Grayscale mehr BTC gekauft hat, als neu produziert wurden. Die Nachfrage von institutionellen Investoren in diesem Jahr ist kaum zu stoppen. Es wird ein Rekord nach dem anderen. What Is the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust? This investment vehicle is an interesting way to get exposure to Bitcoin in your portfolio The world's leading crypto hedge fund Grayscale is on the grip of reaching a major milestone as its crypto holdings are now worth $9.8 billion. What we know: New numbers on Grayscale's crypto products show the company now has $9.8 billion in assets under management (AUM), rapidly approaching the $10 billion mark There still isn't a Bitcoin exchange traded fund in the U.S., but crypto market observers and ETF issuers are growing optimistic on that front. Grayscale is readying for that event, telling.

Just recently, Grayscale Investment took a very big step to add 17000 Bitcoin to its portfolio amounting to an exchange rate value of $200 million. This took its portfolio value to about $4.8.. Chainlink (LINK) has been added to the Fund's PortfolioNew York, April 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Grayscale Investments®, the world's largest digital currency asset manager and manager of Grayscale® Digital Large Cap Fund (OTCQX: GDLC) (the Fund) Affiliated with the Digital Currency Group of Barry Silbert, the biggest crypto fund Grayscale has recently bought BTC and Altcoins worth $3.5 billion. Over the weekend, the crypto fund has added a whooping amount of crypto assets to its portfolio, with total assets under management reaching around $45 billion

Der Grayscale Investment Trust, der mit Abstand am besten finanziert ist, ist der GBTC - der Grayscale Bitcoin Trust. Dieser macht mehr als 80 % des Kapitals der Grayscale Investment Trusts aus. Der GBTC ist auch der Fonds von Grayscale, der mit Abstand am längsten besteht. Bereits im September 2013 wurde dieser Fond eröffnet Grayscale adds Chainlink to its portfolio to meet institutional demand | CryptoSlate. cryptoslate.com April 07 2021 08:30, UTC Reading time: ~2 m Crypto fund Grayscale announced that it would add LINK to its large-cap crypto fund in a release yesterday. The move comes a few weeks after the company launched a new Chainlink trust fund, offering institutional investors exposure to the token's.

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Grayscale Adds Stellar, Ripple's Competitor, To Crypto Portfolio. Grayscale Investments, the firm which runs Bitcoin Investment Trust, announced Thursday that it will setup a fund that will provide professional investors an exposure to Stellar blockchain and its digital currency Lumens Ripple takes another hit as Grayscale excludes XRP from the Fund's portfolio Cryptos | 1/5/2021 3:40:34 PM GMT XRP price plummeted from $0.242 to a low of $0.217 following Grayscale's announcement The Asset Management Company Filed For Adding Five New Crypto Assets To Grayscale's Trust Portfolio The largest crypto asset management company to date, Grayscale, announced its plans of further crypto expansion by filing for five more crypto projects to be added to Delaware's Division of Corporations registry

Currently, Grayscale offers investments in the following digital currencies: Bitcoin (BTC) Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Ethereum (ETH) Ethereum Classic (ETC) Horizen (ZEN) Litecoin (LTC) Stellar Lumens (XLM) Zcash (ZEC) Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund (diversified investment in multiple cryptocurrencies) What Is the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) Rothschild Investment expands crypto portfolio with $4.75M purchase of Grayscale's Ethereum TrustChicago-based asset manager Rothschild Investment Corp has thrown more funds into Grayscale's Bitcoin and Ethereum Trust.According to a recent filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the firm purchased 265,302 shares from the Grayscale Ethereum Trust at around $4.75 million The world's biggest crypto hedge fund, Grayscale, now has a massive sum of $40 billion under its management as of 18th February 2021. Grayscale, whose publicly-traded crypto assets offer rich investors the chance to trade crypto on the equity market, has had its crypto holdings gain twelve times since the start of 2020 Over the weekend, the crypto fund has added a whooping amount of crypto assets to its portfolio, with total assets under management reaching around $45 billion. Grayscale Crypto Fund Adds $3.5 Billion in BTC and Altcoins The biggest crypto fund Grayscale can be considered as a trusted establishment on digital currency investing. Moreover, it supplies safe access and assorted exhibition to the. Investors looking for a flexible stock exchange-listed play with little-to-no upfront costs may want to consider Grayscale Bitcoin Trust or the smaller Grayscale Ethereum Trust as a fresh portfolio addition. There are some pros and cons for going with one of Grayscale's trusts, and we'll kick those tires soon enough. However, with the two investments now trading at rare discounts to their asset-backed portfolios it could be an opportunistic way to get some skin in the crypto game

Grayscale Adds LINK, BAT, and 3 Other Products to Their Trust

Grayscale boosts crypto investment with $300 million additio

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (BTC) ist ein Anlageinstrument. BTC ermöglicht es Anlegern, Zugang zu Bitcoin in Form eines traditionellen Wertpapiers zu erhalten und sich an der Preisbewegung von Bitcoin zu beteiligen, ohne Bitcoin direkt zu kaufen, zu lagern und zu verwahren. Der Zweck von BTC besteht darin, Bitcoins zu halten, d.h. digitale Vermögenswerte, die durch den Betrieb des Peer-to-Peer-Bitcoin-Netzwerks, eines.. Grayscale has been among the top institutions that have adopted cryptocurrencies over the past year to diversify their portfolio. In the last 30 days, Grayscale Investments hedge fund has acquired 35,855,625 XLM. Grayscale Investment in Cryptocurrencies. The company also made purchases of 243,519 ETH, 174,939 LTC, and other altcoins in the past month Grayscale, the world's largest cryptocurrency asset manager, has announced the launch of five new digital currency investment trusts to expand its offerings. The company now has a total of 14 investment products. According to the official press release, Grayscale has expanded its portfolio with Basic Attention Token (BAT), Chainlink (LINK),.. Data provided by analytics service Bybt indicates that, on March 3, Grayscale Investments added large amounts of LTC, BCH and ETH to its crypto portfolio. The aggregate amount of digital assets managed by the company has now added up to $40 billion When it comes to institutional investment and the crypto space, Grayscale is often viewed as the trendsetter for the industry. company see crypto assets as a medium to long-term investment opportunity and a well loved addition to their investment crypto portfolios. When it came to the first quarter of this year and the report, new investors in the industry accounted for $160 million worth.

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Grayscale-Repräsentant bestreitet massiven Ausverkauf für seine XRP-basierte Produkt. Das Asset-Management-Unternehmen Grayscale hat sich zu einem Maßstab für das institutionelle Interesse an Kryptowährungen entwickelt. Im Jahr 2020 war Grayscale der aggressivste Bitcoin-Käufer und feierte erstmalig einen Jahresabschluss mit 20 Milliarden Dollar verwaltetem Vermögen. Allerdings scheinen. Also read: Crypto and Virtual Reality Meet in Ken Liu's Science Fiction. Grayscale Urges Modern Investors to Incorporate Crypto into Portfolios. Granted, it's a strange time to be making such an argument: crypto markets as of this writing are bloody, and one only need cruise over to Satoshi Pulse in order to see the carnage. Nevertheless.

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Crypto News: Grayscale's Record Inflows, Shell's New

Crypto index funds offer a selection of professionally-picked baskets of coins that help investors avoid the hassle of choosing portfolio constituents on their own while at the same time ensuring better Sharpe ratios. Take a look at our real-time buyer's guide to find out which are the leading cryptocurrency index funds and where they stand in our rankings In the least, the Grayscale crypto campaign makes an argument that should be an easier sell among Millennials. Of course, the general idea of a mainstream financial portfolio is to fill it with assets that are uncorrelated, or as uncorrelated as possible, so as to balance out potential losses against potential gains. From that perspective, adding bitcoin to a portfolio that already has. Now Grayscale is recruiting an entire ETF team, apparently in anticipation that the first American exchange-traded crypto products will eventually be approved. Bitcoin's price has skyrocketed. Bitcoin Could Make 1% of Investors' Portfolios, JPMorgan Says; Crypto Custodian Anchorage Raises $80 Million to Expand Digital Banking Services; Sponsored: Hashbit`s HASH Token Listed On Coinsbit Today Arca to Launch Bitcoin Trust to compete with Grayscale Cryptocurrency hedge fund Arca has filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to launch a bitcoin trust product. The.

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